Rules of Play

2020 BSAHL Rules of Play

The BSAHL will follow the  for all league games with some minor changes outlined below.

Game Length/Game Rules 

3 Periods of 15 minute run-time. 

During periods 1-2, stop time will ensue during the final minute of the period. During the 3rd period, stop time will ensure at the 2 minute mark if the game is within 3 goals.

Timeouts will be 30 seconds in duration.

Overtime will ensue if the game is tied at the end of regulation. The format will be 3 on 3 sudden death for 3 minutes of running time. The game will end in a tie if there is no decision during the the OT period.

A team will receive 2 points per win and 1 point per OT loss/tie.

Hybrid Icing/blue line will be enforced at the officials discretion. 

Penalties will fall under USA Hockey Rules. There will be an emphasis on consistency when calling penalties. The goal is to not disrupt the game, but uphold the integrity, safety, and  pace of the game.

*If there are issues with officiating please consult the league management.*

Face offs will ensue at any of the 9 face off dots. For penalties the face off result will occur in the shorthanded teams zone regardless of stoppage, unless the attacking team iced the puck at which the face off will ensue at that teams defending side neutral zone dot.