Updated Information



We have reserved Thursday nights at Malden and Revere.  The registration is open as well and at this time we are only asking for $50 place holder.  If the season does not happen this summer the $50 is fully refunded.  We have also messaged out to the members that the format for the season will be 15 games and double elimination playoffs.


A lot has changed over the past 24 hours.  We have been getting a lot of input from the site and have started the process of reaching out to the rinks.  As new details are sorted out we will keep you posted.  Please Subscribe below to our newsletter for the most up to date information.

Our Hockey Mission

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Why we are here?

Due to COVID-19's impact on our community many things around us have changed.  One of those most recent changes was the loss of one of the largest hockey leagues in Massachusetts.  Unwilling to stand down and be a victim of COVID-19 we are dedicated to keeping our hockey spirit alive.  We are in the process of recruiting teams to rebuild what has been taken from us.  At this time we ask that you submit your information to us so we can rebuild and move forward stronger than ever.  We appreciate your support in this experiment as we help bring hockey back into your lives.   

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